94 – Shannon Jackson

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Drivers Birthday:
Drivers Hometown:Pascagoula. MS
Car Owner:Shannon Jackson/Jason Johnson
Crew Members:Shannon, Jason, Jeremy Lundy, Landon, Andrew
Years In Racing:11
Sponsors:Galeforice Suspension Systems, Bakers Machine Shop, Jimmy’s Automotove. “SPONSORS NEEDED”
Family:Shannon , Stefanie, Landon
Job Info:Perkins Polaris
Racing Accomplishments:Racing Accomplishments: 2003 Super Stock Anowball Derby Pole Sitter and Winner, 2006 Super tock 5 Flags Speedway Champion. 2009 5 Flags Speedway and MIS Track Champion, 2008 Super Stock Snowball Derby Winner and Pol Sitter.
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             2018 Schedule   SATURDAY March 24- (Opening Day) Bandit Big Rig Series SATURDAY March 31- PS, PT, SPRINTS, PRO LATE MODEL SATURDAY April 14- PS, SP, PT, OS SATURDAY April 28- PS, PT, SPRINTS SATURDAY May 12- PS, SP, OS, MOM TOUR SATURDAY May 26- PS, OS, SPRINTS SATURDAY […]


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