Track Records

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Here is who has gone the fastest here at MIS under the current rules.

Pure Stock 

Matt Jackson 22.580 3/21/2015


Jason Smith 21.340  9/5/2015


Gerald Wilkerson 17.559  9/24/2011

Outlaw Stock

Dave Mader III 18.785  3/28/2015

Pro Trucks

Steve Stagner  19.323 5/9/2015

Pro Late Model
17.279 D J Vanderley 3/27/10

Super Late Model
16.802 Augie Grill 4/10/10

All Time Track Record
Unofficial-13.918 Sprint Car Brian Gersher 4/12/14

Official-13.919 Sprint Car Todd Fayard 

20.800 Shannon Norris

Random MIS Gallery

11fpm-2-133 rs13T1M-5-_71 rs145T1M-8-65 rs14T1M-10-_66 rs14T1M-10-_322 rs14T1M-11-_184 rsMIS_'14_Banquet-61 rs15T1M-6-46 rs15T1M-7-117