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Racing has always been praised for generating some of the more unique and
colorful prizes in all of sports. But the trophy created for the second
annual ARCA Mobile 200 at Mobile International Speedway might be the best
example yet.
Crosley Radio will present the winner of the ARCA Mobile 200 with a
full-sized 42″ iJuke Deluxe Jukebox. The trophy joins the Martinsville
grandfather clock, Nashville guitar and Dover Monster as one of the most
unique prizes in motorsports today.
Not wanting to limit the prize to just the ARCA Series, Crosley has offered
two additional jukeboxes to the winners of the Island Motor II Bombers and
Bob’s Speed Shop Sportsman features on Friday night. The races will take
place immediately following ARCA Racing Series qualifying and will feature a
25-lap race for the Bombers and a 50-lap main event for the Sportsmen.
Combined, the two divisions represent some of the most exciting and
close-quartered racing currently contested at the historic Alabama
Rusty Powell Sr. has achieved virtually every accolade there is in the
bomber division. Countless victories and championships have even led his
peers and fans to call him the ‘King of the Bombers.’ And yet, a victory on
Friday night would provide him his coolest prize yet – the Crosley jukebox
“The jukebox is just a great idea,” Powell said. “I have to give credit to
everyone who made this happen and I would love to have it on my trophy case.
It’s without a doubt, the coolest thing I have ever raced for in my career.
“I’m going to give it my best shot on Friday.”
The trophy is based on a nostalgic jukebox design but the interior is full
of modern technologies like an AM/FM radio, CD player, MP3/WAV reader plus
an iPod docking station.
Powell was a contender throughout much of 2012 but was only able to secure
one feature victory and two heats driving for Hurrikane Motorsports. The new
season brings with it a new team – Outcast Motorsports – and perhaps the
chance to return to victory lane on a more consistent basis.
“Yeah, we’re with a new team this year and we’re hoping some of the changes
will give us some better results,” Powell said. “We’re calling ourselves
Outcast Motorsports with Daniel Goodin as the owner and Leland Dees as my
crew chief.
“With Troy Bartlett, Joe Thornton and Richy Graham turning the wrenches I
like our chances this year.”
Powell takes a lot of pride in his nickname but feels as though he needs to
win this year to back it up. The ‘King of the Bomber’ moniker carries with
it a lot of expectations but Powell has remained as humble as the first time
he competed at the Speedway.
“It’s something that I’m proud and honored to be called, but I don’t think
of myself as any different as any of the other guys out there,” Powell said.
“I’ll take even more pride in just getting back to victory lane this year.”
Robinson looks to carry momentum to Sportsman championship
On the opposite end of the spectrum, Chad Robinson was the winningest driver
at Mobile International Speedway last year. He won just about every race in
the Sportsman division but was unable to close out the season championship.
That designation went to Pensacola’s Brannon Fowler as a result of Robinson
missing the first two races of the season and Fowler padding his lead with
pinpoint consistency.
Robinson won 11 of 14 races, including the Polaris Sportsman Challenge, but
just couldn’t chase down the conservative Fowler. It was a minor
disappointment for Robinson who would have liked to have won the
championship but is more focused on winning races.
He believes a championship will ultimately come but only if he keeps
winning – starting on Friday night in the 50-lap main event. While he thinks
the Crosley jukebox trophy is ‘pretty cool,’ Robinson still believes the Lee
Fields Memorial championship belt is the Speedway’s top prize.
As a result, Robinson is feeling no additional pressure to win on Friday
night because the race is just another one on the schedule and the trophy,
no different than any other that came before it. That said, he believes
hoisting it in victory lane could change his perception.
“I just want to go out there and win races,” Robinson said. “The trophy is
pretty cool but it’s not something I’ll think about unless I can win it
As far as the championship goes, Robinson hasn’t really thought about the
competition. He’s taking it one race at a time and won’t size up the field
until after the first race. Robinson envisions himself as a blue collar
competitor. He’s not concerned with jukeboxes or championships — he just
wants to win.
“I’m not worried about any trouble or competition from the rest of the
field,” Robinson said. “I’m just here to run my own race. My expectations
are to bring what I have and hope I brought enough. I’m coming to win.”
The Mobile International Speedway ticket window opens at 9:00 a.m. on Friday
morning with grandstands opening to fans at Noon. Friday afternoon will
include ARCA and local division practice with Bomber and Sportsman
qualifying beginning at 5:00 p.m.
ARCA pole qualifying starts at 7:00 p.m. with feature racing for the Bomber
and Sportsman divisions taking place immediately afterwards. Saturday’s ARCA
Mobile 200 will begin at 2:00 p.m

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