Bryce Dulabhan and the Pro Late Models Set to Saturday


DulabhonnMISBryce Dulabhan was the breakout Superstar of the Midwest Cooling Towers Pro Late Model Series last year, and now he is setting his sights on the 2013 Championship as that division opens up its first night of racing this Saturday night at Mobile International Speedway, Alabama’s Fastest Half-Mile.

In order to chase that Championship, Dulabhan will face a new format in the division, starting with the evening’s debut 20+30 Twin Features.

The Pro Late Models will time trial for starting positions in race no. 1, which will open the show at 7p.m. There will be no invert for the first 20-lap race and the winner will receive $600. All cars finishing on the lead lap in race no. 1, will then be inverted completely for race no. 2 which will be the main event of the evening.

Any cars laps down or failing to finish in race no. 1 will start from the back in race no. 2 – a 30-lap Feature, which pays $900 to the Winner.

“The format is a bit different,” Dulabhan assessed. “It’s going to be something to adjust to and hopefully something that will play out in our favor. I prefer the longer races but splitting the races seems to be better for the fan – which is most important.”

Dulabhan appeared to have made a lot of progress from the start of last season to the end. While the stats don’t necessarily back that statement up, Dulabhan agrees and says he’s just a lot more comfortable in the faster Late Model than he was at the start of last year.

“We didn’t know a lot about this style of cars when we first got the Pro Late,” Dulabhan said. “With some set-up help from Leachmen-Barns Motorsports, we were able to get the most out of the car, and I think we enter this season with a pretty good book on how to advance the car even more.”

The Fairhope-native says it’s much too early to get a read on how this season will play out, but says last year’s Champion Josh Bragg is the early favorite by default. He’s also looking forward to competing against the likes of David Jones, Michael Pitts, Jeremy Pate, Wayne Niedecken Jr., and a host of others.

With newfound drive and determination, Dulabhan might have established himself as one of the early Championship favorites in the Midwest Cooling Tower Pro Late Model division.

Also on the program for April 20th, will be the Praytor Realty Super Stocks, the Bob’s Speed Shop Sportsmen, and the Island Motors II Bombers. Admission will be $10 for Adults, $8 for Seniors, Military, First Responders and Students aged 12-17. Kids 6-11 get in for $5 and those 5 and under get in FREE.


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