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Race Procedures for Regular Race Meet


Time Trials

  • Everyone will get two timed laps, unless otherwise indicated on schedule.
  • Once you have taken the white flag, you have an official time. No re-qualifying.
  • Non-qualifiers will start on the rear.



  • All starts and restarts will take place at the designated line in turn 4.
  • All cars should stay in line until the green flag is displayed. 
  • Anyone jumping the start will be sent to the rear.  The second infraction will be a one lap penalty.


Caution Flags 

  • Do not race to the caution flag.  Hold your position on the track.
  • All classes revert back to the last completed green flag lap for the restart lineup.
  • If a caution occurs before the completion of the first lap, there will be a complete restart.  Everyone retains their original starting position unless they pit or receive assistance from the safety crew.
  • On a complete restart, if a car drops out or goes to the rear, that line will simply move forward. 
  • After one lap is complete, those involved in the cause of the caution, as well as anyone who pits, will restart on the rear of the longest line.


Red Flags 

  • Stop immediately.  You will be directed by track official where to line up. 
  • You may pit under red flag conditions after track officials have indicated that it is safe to do so.  Upon returning to the track you will line up at the rear of the field.
  • No working on the car on the track.  No crew members allowed on the track.



  • ·        All restarts will be double file.
  • ·        On the signal from the flagman, the leader of the race may choose to restart on the inside or the outside.  From third place on back the rest of the cars will alternate inside and outside lanes.  Lapped cars will start on the rear.





  • If you stop on or near the racing surface to purposely cause a caution, you will receive a 2 lap penalty. 
  • If there is a driver change that is not reported to an official, all money and points will be forfeited for that race. 
  • If you are disqualified by the tech officials, all money and points accumulated to that point will be forfeited. 
  • Three unassisted spins, and you will be disqualified for the remainder of that event.



  • Bomber drivers are not eligible to participate in another division during the racing season unless it is a permanent move up.
  • Late Model, Modified, Super Stock, and Sportsman drivers may participate in any of those classes. 
  • Track officials will determine the eligibility of all drivers.


Points and Payoff 

  • Time Trials- 15, 14, 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 1, etc.
  • Heat Races- 25, 23, 21, 19, 17, 15, 13, 11, 10, 10, etc.
  • Feature Races-50, 47, 44, 41, 38, 35, 32, 29, 26, 23, 20, 20, 20, etc.


  • Points are awarded to the driver taking the initial green flag.  Any driver change after the initial attempt at a start will not change the awarding of points for that event.  A driver cannot earn points in two different cars in the same event.


  • Drivers starting the B-Main will receive last place purse money and points, with the exception of those who transfer to the feature.  Their points will come from the feature event finish.


  • In the event of a tie in the final point standings, the tie breakers will be as follows:

1) Number of feature wins

2) Number of second place feature finishes

3) Number of third place feature finishes, etc.



Line-up Procedures for Regular Race Meets


  • All drivers will report to a designated area and register.
  • Failure to register will result in that driver starting on the rear.


Heat Races

  • Heat race line-ups will be determined by using point standings or by qualifying times, if time trials are conducted.
  • The formula for determining the number of heat races will be as follows:

less than 8 cars ¿ 1 heat

8-20 cars ¿ 2 heats

21-30 cars ¿ 3 heats

31-40 cars ¿ 4 heats

41+ cars ¿ 5 heats

  • The first heat will be made up of the top point drivers or the fastest qualifiers.  The second and all subsequent heats will be for the next group in points or qualifying times.
  • All heat race lineups will be complete inverts.



  • Feature race line-ups will be determined by points or qualifying times if time trials are conducted.
  • If there are fewer than 26 cars, all cars will run the feature event.
  • When the car count reaches 26, the 18 top point drivers or qualifiers will be locked into the feature and the remainder will run the B-Main. Promoter reserves the right to cancel B-Main and run all cars in the feature.
  • The top 2 finishers in the B-Main will be added to the feature to make a 20 car starting field.
  • All feature races will be inverted by role of the dice.

Race Procedures for Late Models


  • Qualifying order will be determined by a draw.
  • Everyone will get two timed laps.
  • Once you have taken the white flag, you have an official time.  No re-qualifying.
  • Non-qualifiers will start on the rear.


Race ¿ 100 green laps.  Cautions do not count.  Wave lap will be the second time by.  The original start is at the designated line in turn 4.  If we do not finish a green lap, there will be a complete restart with cars that pit or receive assistance on the rear.


  • Caution flag ¿ Stay in line.  To settle position disputes we will revert to the last green lap on the computer.  Pace car will pick up field in turn 1.  Pits are closed.  Follow pace car to start-finish line.  Lead lap cars can double up at the line to pit.  Second time by, anyone can pit.  If you pit out of order, restart tail end of line.


  • Red flag ¿ Stop behind pace car.  Pits are closed.  When track is cleared, field will move under yellow.  Pits will open for anyone.  If pit stop is made under red, restart tail end of line.


  • Restart ¿ All restarts will be double file.  At the 2 to go signal, lapped cars will move to the rear of the lead lap cars.  The 1st car a lap down when the caution fell will be given a ‘free pass’ around the pace car and credited with a lap.  Also, any cars behind the pace car that are on the tail end of a lap will be given a ‘wave-by’ until the leader is the first car behind the pace car.  The leader may then choose to restart on the inside or the outside.  From third place on back the rest of the cars will alternate inside and outside lanes.  When leader gets to 1st line in turn 4, he can go.  Everyone should remain in their lane until the start-finish line.  Note:  No ‘free-pass’ will be given during the last 10 laps of the race or if the designated car was involved in the cause of the caution.


Finish ¿ After the white flag is out, the next flag is the checker.  If there is a problem, the yellow light will come on along with the green.  Race to the finish.  If the track is blocked, the red will come out and we will finish green/white/checker.  Top 3 finishers stop on front stretch.

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