2-Car Chain Race Rules


2-Car Chain Race: Rules


  1. All drivers must wear approved race suits, gloves, and a Snell or DOT Rated helmet.
  2. All drivers must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. All cars must have seatbelts with shoulder harnesses (factory or custom installed).
  4. All cars are subject to track approval prior to racing.
  5. All Drivers must sign waiver before they race.
  6. Mobile International Speedway reserves the right to add or change any rule for safety reasons at any given time.


  1. There will be two cars chained together. NO station wagons, trucks, vans, etc.
  2. All front (pulling) cars must be front‐wheel, V6 or 4 cylinders. NO V8’s. NO 4‐wheel drives.
  3. Both vehicles must be similar in size and weight, in other words, a large car cannot pull a small car.
  4. Front car must have brakes fully disabled and a working engine. Rear car must have engine fully disabled with working brakes. Engine in rear car must remain in car.
  5. Chain only may be used to secure vehicles. No double chains or pipes on chains allowed. Must be securely chained to frame ‐ CANNOT HOOK TO BUMPER.
  6. Chained distance from vehicle to vehicle must be no less than 4 feet and no more than 6 feet.
  7. Both cars must run DOT tires. Must be Good Tires (No bald or Blem Tires)
  8. All glass and trim must be removed expect front windshield.
  9. All Cars must stay chained together or team will be disqualified.
  10. All doors must be chained, welded, or wired closed to prevent from opening during the derby. Metal straps can be welded to the door seams with a 3 in wide X 1/8 thick max.
  11. If your chain brakes, you will be black flagged and must pull into the Infield.
  12. All Cars must have large numbers on them.
  13. We will be scoring the front car only.
  14. It is recommended that all cars be painted the same color.
  15. No Antifreeze, only water in the coolant system.
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