School Bus Race


School Bus Race: Rules

Driver Safety Requirements

  1. All Buses must have an approved Roll Cage Installed.
  2. A Racing seat and 5 Point harness must be installed.
  3. A driver must wear approved Race Suit and DOT Rated Helmet.
  4. All Buses are subject to track approval prior to Racing.
  5. All Drivers must be 18 years of age or older.
  6. All Drivers must sign waiver before they race.
  7. Mobile International Speedway reserves the right to add or change any rule for safety reasons at any given time.

Bus Requirements

  1. Windshield must be clear; all other glass may be removed or must stay clear as well.
  2. You must be able to see through both sides of the bus. (Do not Block Up/Cover any windows)
  3. The battery must be bolted in a battery Box.
  4. All Passenger Seats can be Removed.
  5. If bus has been chopped or cut, you must reinforce it for safety.
  6. The Door must be shut, if the door opens you must pull off the track or you will be black flagged.
  7. If your bus catches firs or a tire goes down, you must stop in the infield.
  8. No Antifreeze, only water in the coolant system.
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