Skid Race Rules


Skid Race: Rules

Driver Safety Requirements

  1. All Drivers must wear approved Race suit and DOT Rated Helmet.
  2. All Drivers must be 18 years of age or older.
  3. All Cars must have seatbelts with shoulder harness or 3 point harness.
  4. All Drivers must sign waiver before they race.
  5. All Cars are subject to track approval prior to Racing.
  6. Mobile International Speedway reserves the right to add or change any rules for safety reasons at any given time.


  1. Skid race cars must be front wheel drive cars only.
  2. Cars must have working brakes.
  3. Cars must run good tires (no bald/blems).
  4. All Glass must be removed from the cars.
  5. All cars must have seatbelts with shoulder harnesses or 3-point harness.
  6. Skids must be inspected and approved.
  7. The cars skids must keep the car from bottoming out, only skids should touch the track.
  8. Skids must be built with at least 3/16” thick metal.
  9. Skids must have curved edges on front and rear to prevent damage.
  10. Design skids with smooth flat bottom as to not scratch track, just scrape across.
  11. Use Rounded bus or truck bumpers as skids if possible.
  12. At least one support brace must be used.
  13. Engage emergency brake to prevent skid from flipping.
  14. Secure gas tanks and drivers’ bars are strongly recommended.
  15. All doors must be chained, welded, or wired closed to prevent from opening during the derby. Metal straps can be welded to the door seams with a 3 in wide X 1/8 thick max.
  16. Cars cannot cut through infield. Positions can only be advanced on track surface.
  17. Officials or any Safety Crew Members have the right to withhold you from entering the race if its safety related.
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