RV Info


Mobile International Speedway welcomes recreational vehicles of all types but please note that all RV parking is self contained as there are no hookups available for power, water or sewage. All regular season race spots are $40 and prices may vary for special events. 

Usually, recreational vehicles park near the pit gate entrance and use a four-wheeler or scooter for access to the pit area of the speedway or to the grand stands.

Also be advised that security is only available during race events for a regular season race, and may vary for special events. After each race program the Mobile County Sheriffs Office will be the agency to call for law enforcement assistance.



Camping Rules: 

-No fireworks permitted.

-No soliciting or commercial sales permitted. 

-Four-wheeler and scooter speeds are to be no faster then 15 mph on the entire grounds. 

-Please place all trash in containers or trash bags. 

-MIS is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen property. 


Pet Policy: 

-All dogs must be under control and visual observation of the owner at all times. No dogs should be left unattended outside. 

-A leash rule is in effect at all times, there are no exceptions.

-Pets are not allowed in the grandstands area at any time. 


Glass Bottle Policy: 

-No Glass Bottles Are Permitted On MIS Property.


MIS thanks you for coming to our races, please have a safe trip and we hope you enjoy yourself. 



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