The Mobile International Speedway Grand Stands are located on the Southern side of the speedway which is close to an east – west configuration with turns one and two in the west most portion of the speedway property and turns three and four in the eastern part of the property.

The grand stands are non reserved seating and will accommodate nearly 9,000 persons.

No Coolers Or Ice Chests Are Permitted In Grandstand Area.

There is a family seating area which is the section of seats from the flag stand east to the first portal. This area is marked by yellow lines and is designated smoke free and alcohol free.

Throughout the grand stand area, fire lanes are designated and marked with red paint. Please do not sit in the fire lane areas.

See the ticket pricing menu for all event prices.

Mobile International is handicapped accessible. Handicap parking and seating is through the pit gate & our handicap fans and their guest are asked to purchase tickets at the regular ticket window and then access handicap parking and seating through the pit gate. If you have any questions please see any security officer or MIS Official for assistance.

On major race events, the race car spotter section will be clearly marked and general seating will be prohibited in that area.

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