By Matt Weaver
While he wasn’t able to compete in his feature race on Saturday night, Jerry Goff made it clear that he had returned to active competition after winning his eight-lap heat at Mobile International Speedway.

His teammate Jayme Corry won his heat too but a mechanical failure prior to the Island Motor II Bombers feature forced Goff out of his car so Corry could maintain his championship lead.

That is the sort of selfless driver that has been missing from the Speedway for the past year since Goff had to step away to reprioritize his life and career but now he’s back.

Goff says he missed his time away from the cockpit even though it was for the best.

“It was hard,” Goff said. “Any racer wants to be in the seat and I had to sit out for a while and I was just waiting for a chance.”

The Day family and Racing Team gave him that shot, expanding on a long standing relationship between the two. While some are easily annoyed at their success, Goff explained that the Days were a model racing family.

“Look, they’re a family you either love or hate,” Goff said. “They know a lot about racing and Jay Jay has the track record — they’re a big influence and they’ll help anyone who asks them.

“And that’s how this came together.”

Starting so late in the season, Goff is focused on wins than the championships but does want to help ensure that Corry maintains his lead deep into the summer. Despite the great speed always displayed by the DRT, they haven’t been able to close out on a lot of championships prior to Brandon Tipton’s Bomber breakthrough in 2012.

Goff wants to see them go back-to-back but he wants to win too and he believes there is a balance.

Lastly, he just wants to prove himself against the best of a very stacked division and keep the fans entertained with the local driver, often the best racing of the weekend, week-in-and-week-out.

“It’s important that we locals put on a great show,” Goff said. “We’re the lifeblood of a track. Even when the Super Lates comes in town or the Modifieds, we’re usually the best races and we can’t race, the tracks won’t stay in business.

“So it’s important that we’re able to keep doing this and I’m grateful to DRT for giving me that shot.”

Goff and the Bomber division joins a stacked lineup that is highlighted by the Southern Super Series Late Model Tour, Alabama Pipe and Supply Modifieds, Bob’s Speed Shop Sportsman and Halls Motorsports’ Motorcycles.

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