Interview with Hunter Robbins

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In an exclusive interview with Mobile International Speedway, Hunter Robbins discussed how his Lee Fields 100 victory could translate to success in the Southern Super Series and additional events in the Midwest Cooling Tower Pro Late Model division.

The interview can be read below.

Mobile Speedway: That battle with Mike Garvey was pretty exciting wasn’t it?

Hunter Robbins: I thought the race was very exciting. Mike and I swapped the lead a couple times, and it was hard but yet clean racing at the same time. And that wrestling belt is quite a cool prize that fits the memorial race aspect well.

MIS: How exciting was it to get back to longer distance races in the Pro Late Model division?

HR: The 100 lap event was great. That’s why we decided to go and skipped the 50 lap races all year.

MIS: Will Saturday’s win translate to success or confidence for the rest of the season?

HR: A win does a lot. We’ve done a lot of racing this year and at this point it’s easy to feel burnt out especially after so many second place finishes in other Pro Late Model shows this year. It exciting the entire time and myself to really push for more wins to close out the year. It doesn’t hurt to know we get one more shot at Mobile in the Southern Super Series too.

MIS: What other races do you plan on racing this year, beyond the Southern Super Series?

HR: We plan on going to the 100-lapper at Pensacola. And I’m really excited about that one because it’s been a while since I’ve been to Victory Lane at Five Flags. When I first started going down there I won my first two Pro Late races including the Snowflake 100 – but we’ve struggled ever since.

The Pro Late Models return to action this Saturday night at Mobile International Speedway with twin features (20 + 30 laps) headlining the show. The card will also feature the Praytor Realty Pro Trucks, Bob’s Speed Shop Sportsman and Island Motor II Bombers.

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