Lee Fields Memorial FAQ Page

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FAQ: Can you tell me about Friday’s Practice Day?

Answer: Friday is purely optional. The Pits will open at 4pm and practice will run on rotation of divisions until 9pm. There will be a Pro Late Model only session from 9:00 to 9:30pm. Pit Passes will be $15 on Friday, $25 on Saturday, or $35 for both days.

FAQ: What’s up with the Pit Party?

Answer: Sponsored by Hoosier Tire, everyone with a Pit Pass will be provided with Free Hot Dogs and Beverages. (limit 2 each) There will be a DJ providing music from 9:30 until 11:00pm. The track will be closed at 12:00 Midnight.

FAQ: Can I camp overnight in the infield?

Answer: Overnight camping will be allowed with 2 day Pit Passes. Gates will be locked from 12:00 Midnight until 12:00 Noon on Saturday. All campers must be out by 12:00 Noon on Sunday.

FAQ: What is format for Saturday Night races?

Answer: All Divisions (except motorcycles) will qualify for starting position. There will a dice roll to determine invert. The Pro Late Models will run 100 green flag laps. PLM cars will be impounded after qualifying. This will be a 4 tire limit race.

FAQ: Is there an entry fee?

Answer: The Pro Late Model 100 will be the only division requiring an entry fee. ($100)

FAQ: What’s the procedure for selecting tires?

Answer: Tires may be selected and mounted on Friday Night for all Divisions except Pro Late Models. PLM cars will be allowed to purchase practice tires only on Friday Night. Race Tire selection on Saturday will be on a first come first serve basis, with all tires impounded until pre-qualifying tech.

FAQ: What’s the deal with the “Belt”?

Answer: In honor of Lee Fields, who was best known as a Wrestler, and a wrestling promoter, Lee is most remembered wearing one of the Championship Belts he attained in his wrestling career. Lee of course became the owner/promoter of Mobile International Speedway and was responsible for the track’s greatest days. This year for the first time ever, all Winners in the regular divisions competing in the Lee Fields Memorial event, will award the Race Winners with a Championship Belt.

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