Track Rental

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  • All Dates must be reserved before the actual date of use.
  • Track rental is $100 Dollars an Hour, which includes the $25 EMT Fee, with a 3 Hour Minimal. 
  • If you wish to cancel your track rental, you must do that 24 hours before the day of, due to the EMT license activation, if you fail to cancel and do not show you will be charged the EMT fee. 
  • Failure to pay the EMT fee, if you don’t cancel in time, will result in track suspension till the matter is taken care of.
  • Rates are negotiable for renters wishing to rent the track for longer than 5 Hours.
  • Tires and Fuel are available with advance notice. 
  • Gates open at 9Am and Track is Hot until Dark. 
  • If you wish to Rent the track under the lights, there is an up-charge for turning on the lights of the track, which is an additional $25 an hour each hour they are on.


If you wish to rent the track please contact KODY @ 251-454-5455 




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