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—Will sign autographs Saturday Night here at MIS—
All of the 2013 points have been counted and recounted by ARCA officials
with the final bonus points being awarded on Tuesday, after 21 races,
2399 laps, 42,522 travel miles and thousands of hours of work by an all volunteer crew,
Thomas “Moose” Praytor and his Hixson Motorsports/Max Force Racing Team are 9th in the Championship standings.
“It’s just incredible; so many dreams came true for me this year it’s hard to put it all in perspective.
We went to Daytona going to run 3 races this season and we ended up running
them all and in the top 10 in points, just incredible,” offered Praytor.
“There are so many people that made it happen, our sponsors, our all volunteer crew,
the Realtor family, other competitors, ARCA officials, there were times it just seemed
like everyone was pulling for us to go the distance. I can’t thank everyone enough for making it happen.”
In order to do this you have to have someone that believes in you,
believes that you can compete at this level and believes that you are worth doing it for.
In my case this comes down to 2 crazy old men, my Dad and Wayne Hixson.
We started this season with 1 racecar and I had never heard of Soddy-Daisy, Tennessee.
As the season comes to a close we had 5 race cars ready for action,
our team was running a second car and after a couple of months in Soddy-Daisy I have some new hillbilly dialect and a beard to go with it. As a racecar driver all you can ask for
is a chance and Wayne gave me that chance, I can’t thank him enough.” 

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